19 Sep 24

Start Bibleschool

The new school year of our part-time Bible school is just around the corner, and there’s still time to enroll. Take the step to fulfill God’s destiny and plan for your life!

At River Bible Institute, the Word of God and the Holy Spirit converge to bring forth life, birth ministries, and propel individuals into fulfilling God’s calling.


Our Bible school deepens your relationship with the Lord and provides a renewed perspective on reaching others with the life-changing power of God.


  • Is there translation available?

    For both services, there is live translation from Dutch to English and English to Dutch. For this, you can easily download the free ‘interactio’ app to listen directly from your own mobile device. Ask one of our team members for help, if needed.

  • Will there be care for my children?

    For ages 1-12 there is children’s church. In children’s church, your children are given the opportunity to experience the church for themselves together with their peers and to enter into their own living relationship with God.

  • Is the church accessible by Public Transportation?

    Each location is easily accessible by public transportation.

  • How long will the service be?

    We value time in God’s presence, so our goal is not to get you out of the service quickly, but to encourage, empower and build you up for the week. Our average service lasts about 2.5 hours.

  • Is there sufficient parking?

    Parking at our locations is almost always free in the surrounding residential areas. If you do want to park closer you can use the paid parking garages.